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The Nelk Boys Are Being Sued For Assault & Battery Over A Fake Meth Lab Prank

TMZ - Aliff claims the Nelk Boys ordered weed and he ended up delivering the goods to a warehouse near Los Angeles, where the YouTube pranksters had set up a fake meth lab and hired an actor to play a cop who starts to make a drug bust before ultimately accepting a bribe.

The guy says he thought the actor was a real police officer, and he had no idea he was being pranked until after the fact, when the Nelk Boys told him it was all a joke. He says he reasonably became irate over the prank and started yelling at the guys, when their security grabbed him from behind and put him in a chokehold ... causing what he claims are severe physical and emotional injuries.

I can't say I keep up with the daily happenings of the Nelk Boys. I can't tell you much about them at all. I simply know they do prank videos, and they have a member named 'Steve Will Do It' who is in the process of speed running liver failure.

The Nelk Boys are assholes right? Is that the general consensus? I think any group of influencers who make a living off of pranks can safely be labeled assholes on some level. You have to expect when you scare an innocent weed delivery man with a gun wielding cop, he's going to react negatively. And if you proceed to put him in a chokehold and bring him to the ground, you're probably going to pay for that financially.

I need to find a way to get pranked by the Nelk Boys. It sounds like a great way to make a quick buck. This weed driver just gave away the playbook. Just let their prank run it's course, then afterwards get really pissed. You have a right to be pissed if someone pranks you like that. And now we know the Nelk Boys have a trigger happy security guard who will choke you out in not time. If you can just get one of them to lay a hand on you, you got a lawsuit on your hands. Especially if you can sue for something called, "emotional distress". If I can sue anybody who causes me  "emotional distress", I'd catch a new bag every day. Send me a mean tweet? Well guess what bitch. I'm distressed emotionally. Now pay me. 

Aliff says the Nelk Boys lured him -- like a lamb to slaughter -- into their fake meth lab with the intention of frightening him and capturing his shocked reaction on camera. He says it felt so real, he thought he might get shot by the fake cop.

He's suing for assault and battery, false imprisonment, and infliction of emotional distress … and going after the Nelk Boys for damages.

This seems like a slam dunk case for the weed man. I hope he gets paid. I think we need to start suing pranksters more as a society. It's time to fight back. They can't just do bad things to people and expect them to be totally ok with it as soon as they utter the words, "it's a prank".

Another good rule for society would be that if somebody pranks you, you're allowed 1 free punch. The prankster is forced to stand there with his hands tied behind his back, and the person he pranked gets a free shot. That rule would benefit the pranking industry as a whole. Think about it. There are way too many pranking videos online. Pranks have become watered down. But if pranksters are threatened with violence, then the only videos you'd see would be of pranks that are worth breaking your nose over. If the prank is worth taking a punch, then I'd be more inclined to watch. Or maybe I'd just fast forward to the punch at the end. But either way it would get my click.