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Emily Ratajkowski Is Open To Dating ANYONE That Wants To Take Her To Dinner

Emily! Emily! Emily! 

If you happen to be reading this (which I'm totally sure you are because why wouldn't you be reading Barstool Sports on a Thursday afternoon) I am open to going to dinner...if you are, obviously. I also happened to notice that in that very TikTok you posted the sound ends off with a "you ugly motherfucker!" so I'd like to start off by saying I'm a realist. I know I'm traditionally an ugly guy, or an "ugly motherfucker" as you may refer it, though I think I can prove to you that while I may be an ugly motherfucker on the outside, I can be just as beautiful as EmRata on the inside. I think I'm fairly decent at talking to ladies and making 'em laugh...I even host a podcast here talking to many beautiful women much like yourself on a daily basis which you can find here!

I know your recent dating history has ranged from Mr. Bear to Pete Davidson to Eric Andre and now potentially Justin goddamn Theroux but you know it couldn't hurt to ask especially after this TikTok, right? right? Not to mention I'm VERY open to doing a dinner where I will happily pick up the tab. I know you must enjoy these socialite Manhattan places, though a nice subtle Italian restaurant in Queens or Long Island may change your mind. A few martinis, baked clams, a nice pasta dish can change your mind! Or we can just do a fancy Omakase in Manhattan. Whatever floats your boat. Your body, your choice.

Just saying though....I'm open to dinner. Let it marinate! Feel free to DM me on Instagram if this tickles your fancy though.