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It's Impossible To Be Slower Than This Security Guard At A Recent Drake Concert After A Fan Rushed The Stage

This video was stunning. Truly stunning. My mind basically watched this in slow motion over and over and over and over and over again waiting for that security guard to get up there and the man just...didn't do it?! It took the man 15 seconds to get up there! FIFTEEN! Now normally one would think in the grand scheme of things that 15 seconds is a pretty short period of time and that's maybe fair if someone rushes the field in right field of a ballgame while everyone is focused on the pitcher and batter, but during a Drake concert when there's a spotlight on him and EVERY in the building is focused on him!??!?! 15 seconds might as well be the length of the movie Lincoln.

I truly don't even know how this happened. Was there only 1 security guard near the stage? Was he eating a full meal with headphones in? This is DRAKE at an ARENA we're talking about here as well. We're not talking about a local up and coming ska band at Gramercy Theatre either. If you're a security guard this is, quite literally, your Super Bowl and let me tell you that guy performed like the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl 24. Just putrid stuff. That kid in the Georgetown jersey probably got more time on the stage that night than some of Drake's special guests.