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I'm Going To Dump Out My Savings So I Can Buy My Dear Friend Kevin Clancy The Gift Of A Lifetime - A Children's Mural For His Home Painted By Lena Dunham

The celebrities are coming together to auction off various experiences and and supporting the Union Solidarity Coalition, in which according to the site, all proceeds will benefit the crew healthcare fund. This big eBay auction, that includes nearly everything under the sun when it comes to experiences, coffees, meetings, is well worth the browse:

Last night I was online, thinking about how my dear, long time friend Kevin Clancy has been treating me this week, and the last few weeks. It's been so fun listening to him say things that he THINKS I've said or felt, without it actually being true! We love to joke around! We love to bust balls! 

Especially when it causes a real life, actual rift between me and my mother, who doesn't understand where I work and what we do, no matter how many times I explain it to her! It's all fun and games, no really, I love it! I'm having fun. So much fun, that while I was checking out this list of things to bid on, I came across something that I knew I would give the appropriate amount of thanks to sweet, thoughtful Kevin, for doing so much for me over the years:

Lena Dunham, Kevin's VERY FAVORITE celebrity, is auctioning off her own artistic skills and offering herself up to paint a mural inside of the house of the lucky winner. A children's mural, at that! WOW! What an ABSOLUTE TREAT! And, the bids are only up around $3,000? A COMPLETE STEAL! 

Five hours with his #1, most loved celeb, inside his own brand new Rich Guy mansion up in the suburbs. I can't think of a day better spent! Not to mention, this mural will last a lifetime. It sounds like she does a great job, and his kids are going to love it. I only wish someone I loved as much as Kevin loves Lena, could paint something in my home that I can look at every single day. Maybe she can do it in the kitchen? Or perhaps the living room, right behind the couch? It could serve as a backdrop for all of his future Mets/Jets rants! I'd imagine it'll increase the property value too, not that he'd ever want to live anywhere else after this. I'm sure, if he ever decides to move, he'll be able to pay to have to wall removed and reinstalled as needed. No worries!

Whatever the final cost of this auction is, I will bid it. I will sacrifice every penny I have in my savings account to bring this level of joy to Kevin's life. Lord knows, he deserves it.