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OJ Simpson's Comedic Spin on Aaron Rodgers' Injury: "9/11 is Just a BAD Date for New York!"

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When a major news event like a first ballot Hall of Famer getting knock out for the season after just four snaps (which is technically five snaps), you can only listen to so much talk about what a bad break this is and what it means to everyone involved. Sooner or later, you need to bring a little levity to the situation. So it only makes sense that someone would turn to the comedy chops of the man who gave us hilarious performances in The Naked Gun trilogy, OJ: Made in America and OJ Simpson: If I Did it, Here's How it Happened:

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Good one! ROFL! ::Laughing Crying Emoji::

And if you're mad about this, because you think 2,996 souls perishing horribly shouldn't be compared to a multimillionaire's ankle injury or that 22 years is too soon, get over yourself. OJ's job on that podcast or whatever it is was to entertain. To get a laugh. And in that respect, it was Mission: Accomplished. That joke crushed. It's topical, so it'll probably have a short shelf life. But for now, that stays in the act as he polishes up his tight-5 for Open Mic Night. 

Not that I'm about to sit here and defend OJ. Not without collecting the sort of billable hours that Johnny Cochrane and F. Lee Bailey got. But there is room in this sad world for wildly offensive, inappropriate jokes. (Back in 2001 the first time I thought our nation would heal was when the late, great Gilbert Gottfried said you can judge how good a person is by how long they held out after the towers fell before they masturbated. "I did it between Tower 1 and Tower 2," he said. Horrible, but funny.) I'm just pointing out that if you're going to ask for opinions of a guy who committed murd had the misfortune of his blood being found all over the crime scene where the mother of his child was nearly decapitated alongside her gentleman friend, you'd better be prepared for his hot takes to be the temperature of the sun's core. And Juice delivered like he used to when he carrying the rock for Buffalo in the early 70s.

And while we're on the subject of jokes that some people may find uncomfortable, let's take a few minutes to enjoy the greatest their ever was. 

And his best ever. The only that made Ken Griffey Jr. want to disappear under his seat:

The fact that OJ is still doing interviews where he gets his ass kissed like some respected godfather of pro football and Norm has left us for that great comedy club in the sky is all the proof we need that life is unfair.