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Notorious, Disgusting Scumbag Tom Sandoval Comments On Raquel Leviss' Birthday Post While Simultaneously Declaring He'll Be Voting For Ex Ariana Madix On Dancing With The Stars

Holy shit. This man is....maybe the most horrifying sociopath I've ever seen? For those who don't know the latest on Scandoval, Raquel (now going by Rachel again) is spending time away from the spotlight, trying to mentally heal from the clear SHITSTORM her actions with Tom Sandoval put her through, and is seemingly trying to begin a new life. Just like a fucking snake does, the moment she posts some positivity about her own birthday, this COMPLETE TRASH comes out of the woodwork and leaves a comment on it:

"Miss you friend" ???? FUCK YOU Tom. Seriously, what a fucking dickhead. When asked about it in that interview at the top of the blog, it's also revealed that Rachel BLOCKED him after this comment. As she should. And what does he do? He calls her THIRSTY AND IMMATURE. For blocking him. For protecting her sanity from this blood sucking, fame fucking vampire (shoutout Olivia Rodrigo.) Controlling, manipulative, disgusting. 

What does he do next? Oh, well he sings Ariana Maddix's praises about being on Dancing With The Stars, of course! He'll be voting for her! Shove it, asshole. If I'm Ariana, I come out and say "I'm all set without your vote, fuck stick." What a small, insecure man he has turned out to be.