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Delta's Making HUGE Changes To Their Sky Club Entry & Now We're All Fucked

AP News- Delta Air Lines passengers who have long enjoyed access to free meals, alcohol and a quiet place to relax before their flight are in for some major cutbacks in coming years. The Atlanta-based airline said it plans to cap the number of entries to its Sky Clubs starting Feb. 1, 2025 for holders of the American Express Platinum Card as well as the Delta Reserve American Express Card. Those holding the Platinum Card will be allowed six visits per year, while the Delta Reserve Card holders will get 10 annual visits. Those who book a basic economy ticket will no longer be allowed in Delta’s lounges starting Jan. 1, 2024, regardless if they carry a Platinum Card or any other premium credit card.

Air travel is an interesting concept. It's a real fickle bitch. You go through security then spend a few hours at basically a miniature city where vodka sodas cost $19 for a few hours before boarding a flying tube to get you from Point A to Point B. It can be VERY stressful for a lot of folks and very annoying for others when it comes to all the different airlines and their services so this is actually fairly big news for the folks that travel a lot so I figured I'd write quickly on it. Do people happen to shit on Delta a lot? Literally and figuratively yes. People for some reason hate Delta and shit on it to the point of a passenger having such diarrhea that they had to make an emergency landing a few weeks ago!

Yet at the end of the day, in my humble opinion, Delta is the cream of the crop when it comes to airlines. Now is that probably biased because I'm a diamond member and have access to the Sky Club now? Sure it just may be...and now that's ALL coming to an end as you can read above due to overcrowding which I may say is very fair though as tragic as it gets. For all those folks that can get a little annoyed with flying the sky club is a place of SOLACE to go before your flight. You enter to the tune of free beverages (alcohol included), free food, secluded bathrooms (pre-flight poop is normally a must), comfy chairs, employees that rival Chick-Fil-A on the niceness level, and much more. It's an air travel heaven.

Sadly it seems like our days are numbered. Starting in 2025 they will only be accepting the creme de la creme. The high rollers. The 24/7/365 members. It's over for us normies. At least we had a good run.