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Finally, Companies (Other Than Barstool Sports) Recognize How Important It Is To Have A Taylor Swift Reporter On Staff

This job was announced a few days ago and as expected, everyone on earth tagged me to throw my hat in the ring. A reporter who ONLY covers Taylor Swift? Sounds right up my alley! Oh, wait....THAT'S ALREADY MY JOB!

I know the Barstool blog audience doesn't always get excited over my Taylor Swift content but I'm here to tell you, it's more important than you think. I am a beat reporter, and my beat is Taylor Swift. We have so much Taylor Swift content to cover that my girl Gia has had to get involved, JUST so I'm not the only one pumping out 5 Taylor Swift only blogs a day. Even multi millionaire DAVE PORTNOY has to take time while traveling on planes to give his thoughts, the people are too thirsty for it!

“Swift’s fanbase has grown to unprecedented heights, and so has the significance of her music and growing legacy. We are looking for an energetic writer, photographer and social media pro who can quench an undeniable thirst for all things Taylor Swift with a steady stream of content across multiple platforms.”

It's actually perfect timing, considering Gia and I realized that we needed, not just wanted, to bring back Taylor Watch - a segment we used to do together on my old Sling live show (RIP OTOL). When the Eras Tour kicked off, we were reporting on everything Taylor did each week and boy, she's a busy woman. Today at 2pm we are BACK, on our own channel, breaking down all the facts we need to know about Taylor moving into the fall. 

On a real note, I think the USA Today job has to go to my girl Zainub Amir, who runs the SwiftNYC X, formerly Twitter account. She is MY main source especially when it comes to videos of Taylor, maybe the fastest reporter I've seen, and she knows the important stuff we want to see. GOOD LUCK ZAINUB!!