This Serbian Basketball Arena Filled With People Going Bonkers With Fire And Flares Puts Anything In America To Shame

Holy shit this is awesome. I don't want to hear anything about those dorks at Cameron. I don't want to hear about the Kennel, Bud Walton, Octagon of Doom, Rock Chalk, what else have you across the country in college basketball. This NBA Jam ass looking court is AWESOME. We need to bring fire into America. Do I trust us to do it right? Of course not. But if Serbian basketball can be led by PJ Dozier (made a Final Four) and have this awesome look, why can't we? We took the best Serbian basketball players already so why can't we steal this look too? 

We need to start making shit look cool in American sports. I'm not talking about the Black Hole in Vegas or anything like that. I'm talking about actually intimidating shit and not just the same old looking stadiums across the country. This is how we get back to being dominant and scaring people in basketball no matter who we send to play for Team USA. Why would Serbia be scared of playing in the NBA or anything like that when they grow up playing in an arena that's half NBA Jam, half Mario. 

I do think they need to reserve the flares for when a man is on fire. Just embrace NBA Jam.