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Adam Wainwright Will End His Career By Performing A Concert At Busch Stadium During The Final Week Of The Season

Adam Wainwright's final season in the big leagues has turned into a bizarre soap opera. It was something that began as what should've been a feel-good story. Wainwright has played his entire career in St. Louis. His teammates and the fans love him. He came into this year still pitching some pretty good baseball, and it seemed like he was going to ride off into the sunset and help the Cardinals get back to October once again. To say that things have gone sideways is an understatement. The Cardinals had one of their worst years ever, and Wainwright is the worst pitcher in baseball. I wrote a blog two days back about how he's only one win away from 200, but considering his ERA is close to eight, I have serious doubts about whether or not he'll get there. Now the news has broken that he will perform a little concert at Busch Stadium during the year's final series.

You know, I want to roll my eyes at this. Any time someone in another profession tries to branch out into music, it goes horribly wrong. Have you ever listened to Steven Seagal's music collection? It's rough. With that said, Wainwright has a legitimately good voice. He sang the national anthem earlier this season, and he did a solid job. 

Adam Wainwright is not the first pitcher to venture off into music. Jake Peavy has a band of his own. I am the last person who should be judging music (except for Steven Seagal's case), but it sounds pretty legit to me. It's not exactly the kind of music I would find myself listening to regularly, but considering these guys have spent so much of their professional lives focusing on one thing, their ability to branch out into other outlets is pretty impressive.

Cardinals fans are known for being some of baseball's nicest and most passionate. I don't know if that's true or if it's just reputation. I've never been to Busch Stadium for a game. The only memories I have of Busch Stadium on a personal level come from the 2006 World Series, which is one that I would rather forget about. I know that Adam Wainwright is so beloved by that organization that I am certain people will stay for that concert. He'll probably get a standing ovation at the end of it. 

It shows that certain baseball players are granted immunity from anything if they reach a certain level of success. Adam Wainwright could be a professional juggler, and I'm pretty sure that the organization would allow him to put on a show following a game at Busch Stadium. He's earned it. The man had an incredible career. Give him the rockstar sendoff.