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Ja Morant's PR Team Making A "Rebirth of Ja Morant" Inspirational Video Is Very Funny When All Everyone Wants Is For Him To Just Stop Flashing His Guns On The Internet

Justin Ford. Getty Images.

Now that my friends, is some top notch PR. Anybody who's anybody knows that when you're an athlete in 2023 and you screw up you have a choice. You could actually do something about it and address the issues…or you could make content out of it. I have to give Ja credit, that video was pretty damn cool. It certainly had me excited to see him play again, but then you take a second and think about what this even is and why this was created in the first place and it becomes very funny.

There wasn't some sort of devastating injury. Nobody "counted Ja out" or anything like that. Rebirth? Ja, all people want you to do is stop showing off guns on the internet! That's literally it! Real guns, fake guns, just stop doing it and there's no problem! That's all this is about and why he was suspended not once, but twice. There was supposed to be a "rebirth" the first time after he got in trouble and he told Adam Silver he would never do anything like this again, only to immediately do the exact same thing again. He even did a full on PR sitdown with Jalen Rose about it!

That obviously didn't work, so the natural play is to make this sort of mini-highlight/movie. I'll tell you what, I definitely didn't think about Ja flashing a gun on IG while I watched that. All I thought really was how much it sucks he's suspended for the first 25 games of this upcoming season because watching Ja Morant do cool shit on the basketball court is very, very fun.

Now with Marcus Smart in the mix, the Grizzlies backcourt is legit once Ja eventually does come back, and while JJJ struggled during the FIBA World Cup this is still a team loaded with talent who can live in the top 3-4 seeds out West. The biggest thing for them as an entire franchise really is to stop just talking about it and actually be about it. Nobody in the league talks more shit than the Grizzlies, and they don't exactly have the hardware to back it up. I'd say the same thing in regards to this "rebirth" from Ja. Don't talk about it, actually do it and by do it I once again mean keep your guns off of the internet. You'd think that would be an easy box to check off but here we are.