Notorious American Soccer Hero Christian Pulisic Has The Perfect Plan To Fix Soccer In The USA - Make Goals Worth 7 Points

I know he's saying this sarcastically, but why not? There's for sure some truth to it that people hate seeing 1-0 games or something like that. But why stop there? Lean all the way into the American complaints about the sport and fix it with things like :

1. No offsides

2. Goals worth more when shot outside the box like a 3pt line

3. No ties, or at least go into OT and then tie so people laugh

That's really it. Those would be the changes and then you'll see people come around on it. I do think Pulisic is right that the smartest move football did was have touchdowns be worth 6 points. It can hide a disgusting game when you hear something like a 17-10 game instead of 3-2. Not sure why more sports didn't catch onto that and create something else because it clearly works. 

Hilarious that Pulisic is just making fun of people, exactly like this conversation: 

Yes Cheah, you can play fantasy soccer. No you morons, you can't just take a defender off in soccer when the ball is going back and forth across the field. I really hope Pulisic somehow saw that clip in the middle of pointless fake arguments, mindless baseball blogs and an update on the Celtics 9th man off the bench. Maybe it caught his eye and he was in awe of the cop buddy duo of Klemmer and Big Ev. Who knows, but either way, Christian Pulisic is going to save soccer for Americans again.