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"He’ll Look In My Face And Say F You…That’s How He Treats Everybody” - A Bills Reporter On A Hot Mic Talking Shit About Stefon Diggs Before Later Walking Back Her Comments

These reporters are the worst because they should say this to Stefon Diggs when he is on the podium. The best thing about Barstool is that we are usually very real with players and will call them out whenever we interview them. I did just listen to the clip and her tone wasn't like "Fuck him". But still, when you work in the media you need to always know don't talk shit around any mic. Even if people tell you it's off, you just can't be talking shit. 

I hope the reporter is front and center at the next press conference, says this exact quote to Diggs, and asks why he is out of control. That's the only way this works out for her and will be really fucking funny. Or Diggs coming out and saying this back to her would also be really funny. But there really isn't much worse than getting hot mic'd. 

Also how does this get out at all? Are the Bills media dunking on their own media? These reporters should realize this is way more interesting than asking Diggs how he feels after scoring a touchdown in the game they just lost. Get to the bottom of why Diggs seems to fight with Josh Allen and what is really pissing him off about the Bills. I think every room should be mic'd before the players get there and we can hear all of the reporters talking shit because I can guarantee she isn't the only one doing this. 

In reality, this wasn't even really that bad and probably just someone speaking some truth.  

Just as I thought, she obviously meant nothing mean towards Diggs, but got hot Mic'd out of context. That's why you gotta be careful around any microphone no matter what your job is.