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Aaron Rodgers Seems To Confirm He's Not Retiring While Also Channeling His Inner Harvey Dent In His First Comments Since The Injury

Aaron Rodgers speaks! For starters he appears determined, at least for now, to get back on the saddle and actually complete a pass for the Jets some time next year. At the same time it looks like the drugs are really starting to kick in. So much so that this motherfucker thinks he's Harvey Dent now. 

Not gonna lie "The night is darkest before the dawn" is a pretty hard line to drop. Thought he'd go with a John Wick or Neo quote, but The Dark Knight works too. 

Once he rehabs and gets out of his next darkness retreat he's gonna be flipping coins all next year deciding the fates of his opponents. 

Nah but actually I hope for his sake he's able to make a full recovery and get back onto the field. That's no way for a future HOF to go out. While this man is known to change his mind at the drop of a hat it really would have shocked me if he called it quits, even with the long, grueling rehab that stands in front of him. We ain't see the last of him. 

By the way, this all sets up Packers-Jets Opening Night next year, doesn't it?