Tua Drops His Nuts On The Haters: "Four Sixty Six"

I told y'all yesterday!!! It's not to late to get your Tua MVP ticket in!!! Salty Tua is a baaaddddddd mannnnn. Everyone says he can't throw the deep ball, well guess what bitch? 466 is 466!! What a perfect answer from QB1. Fuck all the noise, fuck all the bullshit 466 is 466. The narrative that Tua can't throw the deep ball is a fucking joke. The reason everyone says that corny shit is because their brain is too small and they don't like looking at a lefty QB. I'm not just saying that, it's a fact.

If Tua was right handed no one would come out with that half asses analysis. I know it's only week 1 but I'm telling you something is different about our QB this year. Salty Tua is the best Tua. I honestly feel bad for Patriots fans, actually no I don't, you guys won 6 Super Bowls. I think you'll be just fine leaving Gillette after Tua throws for 450 and 4 TD's.