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Is Rico Bosco Threatening The Life of Kirk Minihane's Potential New Producer?

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I don't want to accuse Rico of anything. I was a Bosco long before I started working at Barstool. Been Rydng ever since that fateful day in 2019 when I repented for my sins and was able to convince him to unblock me by sending a series of apology DM's from a burner account.

I forget exactly what I did to get blocked, but I'm pretty sure it has something to do with this photoshop I found saved on my hard drive.

So again, I'm 100% not accusing Rico of anything. But I simply don't know how else to make sense of some texts I received at 5:42am this morning.

Quick backstory before a share the texts - Kirk Minihane is looking for a new producer for the Kirk Minihane Show. There are a handful of candidates for the job. I was a candidate for a bit, but ended up dropping out because I couldn't move to Boston full-time. But ever since then I've been a part of the Kirk Minihane world. 

One of his producer hopefuls is named Andrew Augustus. He probably the lead candidate a this point. A couple of weeks ago (1 fortnight), I made the fatal mistake of exchanging phone numbers with him. He's been sending me frequent text messages ever since. Which is fine. The man clearly wants the job, he's putting in a ton of effort, and he's not afraid to reach out to ANYBODY at Barstool if he thinks there is an opportunity for some content. That's what you want in a producer (to some level at least). 


I'm not sure exactly what he did to Jersey Jerry, but the text messages he sent me this morning were deeply concerning.

What am I supposed to make of this? What was in danger of happening at either O'Hare or Midway airport, should Andrew Augustus and Rico Bosco have crossed paths. I can only assume by the "double fuck", that Augustus was in grave danger. That if Rico Bosco saw him from across the airport terminal, he was going to hunt him down, choke him out, stuff his lifeless body into his carry on, then take a cab to a remote area of Illinois to dump him into a lake. 

Are there any other explanations? What else could have possibly happened to strike "double fuck" levels of fear into the heart of this man? The slightest possibility of being in the same airport as Rico Bosco caused him to send me a pre-6am text asking if I knew the official airport of Barstool Chicago. Which is why I must at least consider the fact that Rico Bosco is an Italian mafia member who has threatened to do horrible, horrible things to Kirk Minihane's #1 producer candidate should they end up within 100 yards of each other.

And his explanation doesn't necessarily make me think that's not the case either.

It doesn't make a lick of sense. This Augustus kid was legitimately distraught at the idea of seeing a man who I'm pretty sure couldn't even pick him out of a lineup. 

But let's be real. Rico didn't do anything threatening. Sure he has an entire army of people on the internet who would commit heinous deeds for him at the drop of a hat, but I don't think he'd ever unleash them on an unsuspecting victim. That's not in his character. If anything, we should be protecting Bosco.


Also, one more thing, just a general rule of thumb. If you're starting a text with "Not to be a creep", just don't send that text. That's the right decision 10 out of 10 times.