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Behold "The Love Surge", As Shown By A TikTok Couple That Will Make You Want To Be Single Forever

For the last several days I haven't been able to scroll Twitter or TikTok without stumbling upon this video, and quite frankly that's making me want to rent a boat, sail it to the very center of Lake Michigan, toss my phone into her wavy depths for all eternity and then become a monk somewhere in the Himalayan mountains. 

Enough about my reaction to it though.. decide for yourself how you feel about "The Love Surge":

Here's how it went over on TikTok & Twitter:

Now, I don't want to hold you hostage or anything but I regret to inform you there's more:

If this couple is doing parody of cringe couples and I'm just an idiot missing the point, then kudos to them. They nailed it, very silly. If they are setting the ground floor to find "their people" before starting some sort of love cult that ends in shocking horror, brilliant. On the right path. But again, if these are genuine and for no other purpose than sharing their intense love, I'm on my way to Navy Pier to rent that boat right now & then it's a one way ticket to Peshawar for me. Something inside me just can't handle it. Maybe this is more a negative reflection on me, but I get the same feeling when I accidentally come across one of those rogue accounts on Twitter that shows death videos. 

By all means, be vulnerable with your partner. Have your inside jokes & express your love in whatever goofy way works for you, but please, for the love of God, keep it off my algorithm. I'm just trying to see cute/goofy cat and/or baby compilations and now I've got you two in bed with me giggling like middle schoolers when I scroll at night. 

As for the poster, Lilianna Wilde, she has way more followers, views & likes than I ever will PLUS a music video titled Grind Me Down, and they both seem like nice people, so perhaps I'm just bitter. Maybe it's me and my frozen heart and it needs to be warmed up like a lil bedtime back burrito..

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