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Orangutan LAUNCHES A Possum After The Dastardly Marsupial Tries To Become A Squatter In His Tree House

An Orangutan has savagely evicted an unwanted resident from its enclosure at Perth Zoo - flinging a possum out of its treehouse as shocked visitors watched on. 

A zoo spokesperson has confirmed possum is unharmed, though it will likely not be paying its neighbour another visit anytime soon

Goodness gracious alive. It's wild how strong apes are, right. That orangutan climbed into his house, saw one of those beady little eyes, grabbed it by the furless tail, and launched that thang like the Challenger shuttle. 

Do we feel bad about the possum entering orbit and potentially coming down in a violent way in a parking lot? Of course. But do we all understand how this orangutan felt? Squatters are awful but they have rights. Does that extend to animals? I'm not so sure and the laws are currently murky. 

In reality, animals do not have the same legal rights and responsibilities as humans. They are not considered legal entities capable of owning property, asserting property rights, or entering into a lease agreement. However, ethical considerations play a significant role in how we treat animals and how we expect those animals to abide by the rules of a civilized society. 

In this case, simply being in the tree house would not necessarily be considered a justifiable reason to harm the possum or launch it to the moon. Ethical treatment of animals applies to everyone, even other animals; principles of compassion, non-harm, and respect for their natural habitat is paramount to maintaining a healthy zoo environment. 

If the orangutan didn't want that little trash eater in his property, he should have notified the zoo keeper and moved to evict over the course of a nine-year period because remember, squatters have rights and the rightful owners of the property do not. It's as simple as that. 

PS: I hate that this happened to North America's only native marsupial. 

PSS: I have it on good authority that possums land on their feet like cats so no harm no foul, I guess.