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YouTuber Discovers Hole To Another Dimension In NYC Sidewalk

I love this. It's not quite another dimension but close enough: 

Not trying to call YouTuber Casey Neistat an NYC newb or anything but what an enormous miss! So many of us DREAM of an opportunity to stumble across a major structural issue in that city, fall right in & finally hit our payday. I used to stomp across rusted cellar doors outside bars when I was drunk praying I'd drop through, and would really take my time next to super smoky manhole covers, fingers crossed.

Alas, despite my best efforts and endless opportunities I never hit the jackpot. If you're visiting New York any time soon be sure to start practicing your best limp & stiff neck because there will be plenty of opportunities:

You can also use some of the holes for temporary housing if you find yourself in a jam:

As for Neistat, he sent a whopping 17M people down the same rabbit hole in less than 24 hours on TikTok. So I guess even if he didn't get to sue the city, he still made out pretty well.