MVP Candidate Baker Mayfield Proved He's a Genius After Revealing He Figured Out The Vikings Defensive Signals Mid-Game

As you know, Baker was absolutely incredible on Sunday and shut up a lot of the haters. But what makes his performance even more special is that he completely figured out what the Vikings were calling on defense. 

Having all the talent in the world is nice, but having a football IQ like this is what can make you a franchise player. Hearing that has to hype up the boys coming into the locker room. Telling the boys you know what's coming on defense has to fire everyone up. 

Spin zone: What if Baker realized he needed to get his team to believe in him and just made this up so they'd trust him more. Even if you think your quarterback can't win you a game normally you would be inclined to be more positive if you believe that he knows what the opposition is doing. 

That being said, the moment you tell the team this it puts a ton of pressure on you to be great and win the game, no? Like if he went out there and stunk up the joint after admitting he knew what was coming? I think you get replaced as the starter. Thankfully he put on a clinic and got the Bucs a W. 

People will still doubt him. The Bucs win this division and Baker proves there was no drop-off after Brady.