WATCH: Desmond Ridder Should Probably Start Looking For Kyle Pitts One Of The Dozen Times He Gets Comically Wide Open

Kyle Pitts had two receptions for 44 yards in the Falcons' season-opening win over the Panthers. You may read those stats and think he was double covered the entire game and Desmond Ridder was only able to get him the ball a couple times. It turns out he was wide open on every drive.

I'm actually fairly bullish on the Falcons if Ridder can be a league average quarterback, but that probably starts with looking for one of the top weapons in the NFL as often as possible. I'd rather have Ridder throw a pick or two because he's trying to force the ball to Pitts too much than see another video like this.

The offensive line wasn't amazing in several of those clips, but Ridder needs to be looking for Pitts every time he drops back. Get that man the ball by any means necessary.

I have faith in Arthur Smith. All we have to do is make Ridder the 16th-best quarterback in the NFL and we'll be in business. Just find No. 8 so there aren't any more of these clips going around with 500 quote tweets demanding Pitts be traded.