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Babcock Drama Heats Up Around The Globe - Swede Says He Was “Disturbed In The Head”

When I first heard Biz’s story about Mike Babcock, the new Head Coach of the Blue Jackets I knew it was going to cause some controversy but I had no idea it would go viral and be felt around the hockey world. 

The story has made it to Sweden where former Anaheim Duck Jonathan Hedström was not surprised by these allegations and stories about his former coach. He was mostly in the AHL during Babcock's tenure in Anaheim but he was in training camp and played four games under him in the 2002-03 season. Safe to say Jonte did not enjoy it at all.

Full Article From Swedish Hockey News  Here

If you have been slacking on your daily Swedish language instruction, during his interview with he paints Babcock as a bully and says he was  “disturbed in the head”. 

Remember hockey before HD TVs?

As per standard operating procedure, Columbus has put a statement downplaying the situation by saying it was a perfect way to get to know someone and their family.

This is not the first time Babs has been a bag of shit to his players, he did the same picture act in Toronto. He also put players in very awkward positions by asking them to rank the other players in private and then putting those rankings out to the team.

Chiclets guest Mike Commodore who has always spoken his mind about the coach shared his opinion about the situation.


Pardon My Take the biggest sports podcast in the world is even getting in on the story.

The brass of the NHLPA has flown to Columbus to do their own investigation and we should hear some big news out of there before the weekend.


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