Former World No. 1 Tennis Player Simona Halep Suspended FOUR YEARS For Doping - Serena Williams Proceeds To Throw Shade

Laurence Griffiths. Getty Images.

Pretty big news out of the tennis world as former world no. 1 and two-time grand slam champ Simona Halep has been handed a four year ban from the sport because of doping. Halep had been provisionally suspended since October of 2022 as her case was being investigated. They delayed this shit FOREVER and kept her completely in the dark for an unfair amount of time. For almost a year now she's been out of the game while this tribunal took their sweet ass time sorting out the facts. Now the soon-to-be 32 year old is looking at not playing her next match until October 2026, which unofficially ends her career if it sticks. 

Of course she's appealing the ban and blaming contamination as the culprit here. 

They found the drug Roxadustat in her blood at the end of 2022 along with irregularities in her biological passport. The way I see it is you don't get suspended like this for an accident. A four year ban leads me to believe they have a mountain of evidence to prove she did this intentionally. The biological passport is essentially the same thing as a concussion baseline test. They take your blood and use that as a standard for future tests to make sure nothing funky is going on. They've got 51 blood samples to back up their decision. Halep is claiming it's all contaminated and that she didn't knowingly ingest anything foreign into her body, which seems to be the playbook for how athletes address this shit. She believes the independent tribunal that decided her ban made it worse when they found out who she was.  

Her coach at the time came out with this statement. 


Mouratoglou came onto coach her the year she got dinged for this so you have to imagine he's getting a ton of heat here. 

And then you have Serena Williams. Of course she decided to insert herself into the conversation with this tweet and the subsequent twitter likes. 

Serena is salty because Halep absolutely smoked her in the Wimbledon title match back in 2019 to the tune of 6-2 6-2. Simona called it the best match she's ever played. The 8 that she's referring to in the tweet is for the amount of Wimbledon singles titles she would have if she won that match. 

Pretty lame if you ask me. These doping accusations stem from 2022 and 2022 only. Halep passed every drug test in the book back in 2019. It's possible that it was known by her fellow players that Simona was a notorious cheater her whole career and they just finally created a testing system to get her, but more likely she wasn't doing it back then and just got the best of Serena that day. Be less petty Serena, you can't.