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This Film Breakdown Of Justin Fields vs The Packers Will Give You BIG Time Scaries

Woof...did NOT like that video. I clicked on his youtube and saw that it was an hour. I couldn't stomach an hour of that. 

I came out of Week 1 more frustrated with the rest of the organization than I was with Fields as an individual. I blamed the right side of the line, I blamed Claypool, I blamed Getsy, I blamed...the calendar because it's only week 1 and you don't get as many preseason/training camps reps as they used to. 

This was glaring though. I am still a believer in Fields. Not going to let one game, as disappointing as it was, to change my mind. He has the tools. He needs to have the confidence. Is he not seeing it or is he seeing it and not confident enough to rip it? I can still be hopeful if it's the latter. If it is the former we might have some issues. I will say...while I don't know hardly fucking anything about playing QB there are other young guys in the league who have made it look easier than Justin Fields. My gut says that he's doubting himself for a split second and a split second makes all the difference. Someone needs to tell him to just fucking SLING it against Tampa. 

I do think ultimately Getsy does need to realize what he has. Fields might not be the polished pocket guy yet. I anticipated the Bears offense resembling what we saw the 2nd half of last season, but with better weapons and a better offensive line. Then as the season went along Fields would grow and do more from the pocket as timing and familiarity with the new guys developed at game speed. That wasn't the case. They didn't move the pocket. They didn't establish the run. Green Bay never looked uncomfortable defensively. Didn't even seem concerned about Fields as a runner. That's a problem. Defenses have to be threatened in some way if you're going to move the ball down field. I hope that is an adjustment for week 2. PLENTY of fingers to point

I still believe in Fields, but there can't be more performances like that.