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SPORTS Blog: A Complete And Thorough Breakdown Of Alica Schmidt's (Dubbed The World's Sexiest Athlete) Offseason Workout Plan

I don't want to get too technical here with a sports blog, but how could I resist after seeing Alica Schmidt start her offseason plan. I mean it's not easy being a world class athlete. You gotta train, practice, get your mind right, show up and actually win. She's coming off a finals appearance at the World Championships. Then I saw it. This Instagram post, doing my normal rounds of checking up on star athletes across the world. 

Life recently? This is a sports blog so let's talk about it. This is just smart. She's going to Italy to clearly work on her skills. I mean posing in bikinis and being a model on the offseason is just a smart financial decision. 

She even challenged Erling Haaland to a race. Sign me up: 

Challenging herself to race people she won't typically see is smart. That's how you improve and win gold at the Olympics. She's even documenting the Italy experience and offseason on Instagram. I can't post her story here, but you can check it out. 

Sightseeing! The opera! Big things coming for Alica. Final grade - A+ offseason.