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Kai Jones Cannot Stop Talking Shit About His Own Teammates On Instagram

This is amazing and why the NBA is the best because every day is a soap opera. I'm not sure if Kai realizes that these guys are on his team or what but it's hilarious. I hate seeing him go after my guy Mark Williams from Duke because he's the nicest guy in the world and I can guarantee he s pulled up going left several times, even if I don't have any evidence. His response to Kai on on IG was absolutely perfect too...

Let's not forget that Kai Jones barely plays and averages 3 points per game. I am a Klemmer guy so I am not saying this. But Dave talked about the last guy on the bench talking shit about the starters is just not the move. Next, Kai will start talking about how LaMelo Ball is trash. For the 100th time, these players need a Common Sense Guy next to them at every single moment to stop them from obvious bad ideas. Talk shit about other teams and players, not your own guys. Like how stupid can you be? Hey Kai, at this point I can probably cross you up and score three points a game just like you. So I feel like you should probably get off Instagram for a bit.