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Mexico's Congress Just Unboxed Two 1,000 Year Old Mummified Alien Corpses on Live TV

I can't pretend to know much about the legislative branch of Mexico's government. I can't speak intelligently about whether their Congress is more or less honest than hours. I don't know how their version of C-SPAN works. And I cannot begin to make sense of statements like "These beings are around 1,000 years old of antiquity, they are not beings that were recovered in birds that are crashes, but that are beings that were buried in mines of diatoms, diatomaceous earth, diatom is a bug civilized with 17 million phytoplankton which was abundant at that time and when it disappeared it became possible." Which is the exact quote. Though I'm chalking that up to something getting lost in the translation.

What I can say is it sounds serious. And that, if this is real, it's nothing less than the most world-changing anthropological discovery in all of human history. Judge for yourself:

All this is just going viral now, and no one knows where it's heading. So I don't want to jump to conclusions just yet. As Carl Sagan famously put it, "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence." And claims don't get any more extraordinary than saying you've got two completely intact alien corpses that have been perfectly mummified over ten centuries by a deep mine filled with diatomaceous earth (which is used in pool filters if I'm not mistaken) civilized with 17 million phytoplankton. And actually producing the bodies? Again, if real? Well, evidence doesn't get any more extra, extra ordinary than that. We'll know soon enough.

Regardless, you've got to give these solons credit for the sheer audacity of this move. The best we can get out of our politicians are a few congressional hearings that promise an elephant and produce a mouse. Or that asshole Governor Fife Symington of Arizona, who responded to the famous Phoenix Lights - that were seen by thousands of his constituents - by calling a press conference and introducing an aide wearing a Spirit Halloween alien costume. Only to admit years later he himself saw the Lights but was too much of a pussy to admit it:

Instead, he opted to degrade and humiliate the rest of his fellow experiencers. The ones who paid his salary and got charged for that stupid, insulting costume. 

So stay tuned for what more the good political leaders of Mexico reveal in the hours, days, and weeks to come. That is, unless unearthing these things amounts to desecrating their graves, angers the species they belonged to and they come down and fry us with laser blasts from on high, which I am not ruling out. But them's the chances you have to take if you're going make the most important scientific find of all time.