Football Guy: This Alabama A&M Coach Who Literally Barked In An Interview

You gotta absolutely love this. What a move. Football guys have long had their own little quirk. Growing up I played for guys who would only wear shorts no matter if it’s raining snowing or freezing… shorts. Pants were a sign of weakness. I also played for guys who just refused to learn players names. My buddy in college told people his name was Dan after a while since the coach called him that and never Matt … his real name. They will talk about personal details and give crazy pump up speeches, they will bury a football… anything to gain an edge. Anything. 

That anything also means they will literally act like a bulldog if their mascot is the bulldogs in an interview. Just such a football guy move. You know he planned this and you would think that means it hurts him. Absolutely not. Nailed it.

Bark on coach … get the boys PUMPED UP! 

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