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The Idiot Who Rushed The Field And Killed ALL The Phillies Comeback Momentum Should Be Sent Straight To Prison And/Or Hell

Here's the scenario. The Phillies, who still need to play very good ball down the stretch to secure the top WC spot, were down 6-1 to the juggernaugt Atlanta Braves at home. They fought back valiently for the 5000th time in 2 weeks to get within 1 run in the 9th. Trea Turner leads off the final inning and does what Trea Turner has been doing for the past month: Boss Shit. 

Tie ball game. Alec Bohm then proceeds to get on base and Bryce Harper follows up with a ball hit so violently to right field (directly at Acuna bc of course) I'm surprised a sonic boom didn't follow the single. 

1st and 2nd. Nobody out. JT Realmuto at the dish. Crowd is on their feet. Dr. Momentum is 100% behind the Fightins making the comeback complete, until...

Giphy Images.

This fucking piece of piss. Read the room, pal. This was an absolute selfish, dickhead move with no regard for your team, city, or people whatsoever. I'm not against streaking. If you want to spend the night in prison and get a lifetime ban from the ballpark for a few laughs, sure. Knock yourself out. But do NOT interrupt Dr. Mo when the Phillies are on the brink of one of their greatest comebacks of the season, if not decades. 

So what happened after security wrangled up this certified asswipe? JT goes down swinging on 3 pitches. But it's cool, Nick Castellanos is up to the plate! On the day the Mean Girls died, no less! There's still hope! That is until you realize there isn't a double play groundball Nicky C doesn't like. First pitch and YUP: 5-4-3 around the horn and that was all she wrote. 

Send that moron who rushed the field to the jail under the Vet. I don't care if it doesn't exist anymore, bury him alive under the parking lot where it used to be. It's what Seamus McCaffery would've wanted. Or at least shock the loser into some common sense like they used to do at The Bank.