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I Think These Mexican Aliens Are Fake As Fuck

I love the idea of aliens as much as the next guy. More probably. I've always wanted them to be real, but to stay the fuck away from Earth. I hate that the Government thinks that people don't have a right to know if we've got aliens from across space, time, dimensions, universes, etc buzzing our towers. I was PUMPED when I saw the tweets that a government was releasing the bodies. 

This though? This is fake as fuck. Their big unveil is the most pop culture generic looking ass alien of all time. Some little grey man combo of ET and the worm guy from Men In Black

Giphy Images.
Giphy Images.

I don't know what aliens are supposed to look like, but it shouldn't be something I could kill with a 9-iron and a can of RAID. It shouldn't look like first drafts of ET that Spielberg threw out. Some fucking little dinky ass ceramic alien with the ankara stones apparently lodged in his gut. 

I feel like Mexico is about to get some bad press now. You can't do a big unveil overnight and figure out that your alien corpse was just some fossilized aborted Aztec. Do better. Give me an alien that scares me. Give me an alien that nobody on Earth could think of. The only logical way for this little dink being the first real alien body found and uncovered and it looking exactly like Hollywood imagined is if the elites told Spielberg what the aliens looked like before ET. IF you told me that then I'd believe you. Until someone else confirms that this little bitch is real I am calling bullshit.