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Nikola Jokic Will Never Miss An Opportunity To Rip His Shirt Off And Get Drunk As Hell In Serbian Bars

Look at Jokic in mid-season form. Man has never wasted an opportunity to get drunk as shit and rip his shirt off in Serbian bars. I don't blame him. He can do whatever he wants there. He's a walking legend. Hell, he's celebrating with the Serbian basketball team for a silver medal at the World Cup, an event he didn't even play in. Dude just loves Serbia, horses and alcohol. Hard to argue with anything against that. Even brought out Novak during the celebrations

Here's what I love about this though. It's not the simple, normal drunk large man stuff. It's the fact that he's going to spend a summer doing this on a regular basis and still dominate everyone else in the NBA. He's going to look out of shape. He's going to be a little pudgy. He's going to get a triple double. We see all these guys doing elaborate workouts and making sure everyone knows they are 'grinding in the lab' or whatever other lame shit they say. Jokic? Nah, he's just going to enjoy himself and cook you. That's what makes Jokic the best.