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BRUTAL! Max Scherzer Is OUT For The Rest Of The Regular Season And Likely the Postseason As Well

It seems like even when things have gone right for the Rangers recently, they’ve still found a way to go sideways. The Rangers have finally started to bounce back from their God-awful stretch. Their bullpen is still an absolute dumpster fire, and it’s not going to get any better, but they’ve shown some legitimate balls by going to Toronto and beating the Blue Jays in the first two games of the series. Both these teams are chasing each other in the American League Wild Card. I would argue that it says more about the Blue Jays being one of the most mentally weak teams in baseball than it does about the Rangers being really good, but they deserve credit. 

With that said, the one thing the Rangers have going for them when it comes to their pitching is their starting rotation. Despite a few hiccups, Max Scherzer has been solid for Texas since being acquired. Last night, he left the game in the sixth setting after wincing in pain. The official report is that he's out for the rest of the season and is "unlikely" to pitch in the postseason, and the Rangers may be screwed. 

This is a strange thing to say about one of the most competitive divisions in baseball, but I’m starting to think the American League West is a little bit mid. Nobody seems to want to take this division by the horns. The Astros keep shitting the bed against bad teams at home, and the Mariners have cooled off a little bit lately. 

The Rangers have shown themselves to be a team with a high ceiling and a low floor. They have a great offense, but no team in history has ever just slugged their way through October. Their ability to get strong innings from their starters come October has been great diminished with the loss of Scherzer. Let's check in on Frank. I'm sure he's crushed.