Holy Shit! The Inside of the MGM Sphere Is Going To Be The Coolest Concert Experience EVER And Also the Greatest Drug Experience Too


Dog when that elephant walked on stage I lost my god damn mind and I'm not even that high right now!



This is going to be outrageous. It's going to completely change how we see concerts- like to the point after you see a show here, how do you even go back to the old way? I will say though, it might be too immersive. Too overwhelming. But my god, if done correctly, this is going to fucking rule.

And not to mention the obvious, this is in Vegas, buddyyyyy, what a place to do drugs. They will have concerts at the Sphere, but also a daily "The Sphere Experience" made by Darren Aronofsky which is going to be the trip of a lifetime, in both ways:


Sphere - The Sphere Experience continues with a specially commissioned immersive film by acclaimed director, Darren Aronofsky (Pi, Black Swan, The Whale). Part sci-fi story, part nature documentary, Postcard From Earth takes you on a journey from the Antarctic, deep into the ocean, across 15 different global locations and deep into space. You will see the world like never before. It is the first cinematic project specially commissioned for Sphere and takes advantage of all our experiential technologies, from the world’s largest high-definition screen that wraps over and around you to the haptic chairs that let you feel the movie to the 167,000 speakers that immerse you in sound.


Fuck yes. 

Once bands figure out how to properly use this, it's going to blow my skirt so far up I'll be wearing it as a hat. I can't wait. Vegas, baby. Vegas.