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Sixto Sanchez Looked UNRECOGNIZABLE In His Return To The Mound Tonight

There was a time not too long ago when Sixto Sanchez was the chosen one. He was one of the highest-rated prospects in all of baseball, and when he pitched in the major leagues in 2020, it seemed like the Marlins were set to have a dynamite rotation for several years to come. Injuries got in the way, and he became one of those names everyone forgot about. He was the definition of a flash in the pan. The stuff was legit. The durability, sadly, was not. 

It appears as though Sanchez's days as a starting pitcher are done. The expectation tonight in the minor leagues was that he would pitch one inning. It's a pretty devastating blow when a starting pitcher finds out that they can't be an effective starter anymore, but there is still an opportunity for Sanchez to find his way back at the Major League level. If his performance tonight down in the minor league was any indication, he said he has a long way to go. 

There are few more devastating things as a pitcher than being a flamethrower who no longer throws any flames. It's fair to say that Sandy Alcantara has had the career most people expected Sixto Sanchez to have. Both were tall, hard, throwing, right-handers, and while Alcântara has struggled in 2023, he is a multi-time All-Star with a Cy Young in his back pocket. His career got off the ground, but Sanchez's didn't.

I also need to address the elephant in the room. As I'm writing this, I swear that that wasn't meant to be a pun. Sanchez has gained a significant amount of weight. If this were several years ago, I'd just shrug my shoulders. As a former fat fuck, I really don't care what shape a pitcher is in, or at least I didn't until the pitch clock became a thing. It's not a coincidence that multiple pictures like Alek Manoah and Lance Lynn, who are known for being beefier guys, have struggled to adjust to the pitch clock. It's a brand-new game. You don't control the pace. The pace controls you. Right now, that is the least of Sanchez's concerns, but it is a factor nonetheless. It's still good to see him back on the mound. The last time he pitched at the big league level was 2020. It'd be a great story if he could find a way back. But it's going to be a minute.