Power Ranking The Best QB Options For The New York Jets

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That may very well be true but Robert Saleh has every reason to lie. Of course, you'll say Zach Wilson is your guy. It helps with leverage in any trade talk and gives Wilson confidence until you can make a move (or even if you can't). No matter what, the Jets will need a backup. Tim Boyle is currently in that role. He has 3 career TD's and 8 INTs. That can only work if you have an incredible starting QB and even then you are holding your breath every time he gets sacked. Tim Boyle is a terrible backup QB option when your starting QB is historically awful.

Here are the best reasonable options that are out there that could be that backup (or maybe even a starter once they learn the system):

5. Mitchell Trubisky

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Does Mitch Trubisky kinda stink? He's better than Zack Wilson but he still kinda stinks? Or is he just OK? Because if he's just OK and you put him in the Jets system where he wouldn't need to do too much…could it work? Rely on Breece Hall and Dalvin Cook to carry the load and just be a game manager?

He does have 68 career TD's and started two playoff games. I could sell myself on this.

4. Carson Wentz

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His greatest strength is that he's very available. He's the only free agent on this list. His whole career is bizarre. The guy was 3rd place in the MVP voting in 2017. It seems like a million years ago. He actually was very good with the Colts in 2021 (27 TD, 7 INT) but then was a shitshow last year in Washington. Despite all of that, I'd be more confident with 2022 Carson Wentz than I am with 2023 Zack Wilson.

3. Gardner Minshew

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He's with the Colts but I almost feel like Minshew is America's Backup at this point. He's the first guy everyone brings up as an option for their team when their QB goes down. I don't think it's that crazy that the Colts trade him with Anthony Richardson looking pretty solid last Sunday. It's been a few years since he played regularly but his career stats are impressive (44 TD, 15 INT, 92.9 QBR)

2. Jameis Winston

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I probably have him ranked way too high. He's only 29 years still. Feels like he should be in his late 30's. It's hard to remember a time before Jameis Winston wasn't in my life somehow. He was awesome in 2021 (14 TD, 3 INT) but that's the exception to the rule. Winston is always going to throw tons of picks but then he'll show you flashes of brilliance. He's so much fun to watch from afar but he must leave you reaching for Aleve if he's the QB for your team.

1. Marcus Mariota

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He's the best option. He's on the bench in Philadelphia behind Jalen Hurts. It might take some draft capital to get him here with him being on the Eagles. They have such huge expectations this season, they'll want a great backup like Mariota if Hurts misses some games as the season progresses.

He's not a great thrower by any stretch but he also doesn't throw too many interceptions (only 19 in last 34 starts). He's the Anti-Jameis. For a team like the Jets that can rely on that great defense and running game, you just a QB that won't turn the ball over. That'll be enough to win more games than you lose.

I don't know that they are going to do clearly but if I had to guess, they scoop up Carson Wentz. He's available, won't cost any draft picks and can be in that backup role while he learns the system. The Jets have an early Week 7 bye this year. If Zack Wilson regresses to doing Zack Wilson stuff again, that might be the perfect time to make a QB switch. I am here for the Wentzaissance.