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Frank The Tank Thought That Feits With A Bald Cap Was Rone's Dad

I CAN NOT BELIEVE THEY LEFT THIS OUT OF TANKS COOKS! This has to be like in the top 5 best moments of Frank The Tank. It was just classic. The fact that Rone called Feits "Daddy" and Tank just didn't think anything of it. So fucking funny. It all happened so casually, and that is what makes it even better.

After I posted the clip, about 5 minutes later I hear Tank go "wait a second!" from his desk and he just started dying laughing. Everyone started cracking up. Just an all time moment. This is why Frank The Tank is an absolute vital part of the Barstool world. 

To be fair, Feits looked almost unrecognizable but I mean they have been working together for years. Frank is the GOAT.