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Tua Is Now The Odds On Favorite To Win The NFL MVP

If you're reading this now it's not too late! I tried to tell ya'll this man is DIFFERENT. I've watched Tua play for 4 years now, and this is the best he's looked. I'm not saying this because he threw for 466 yards and 3 touchdowns, he is legitimately built different. This is the biggest I've seen Tua look. The last 3 years he looked like a make a wish QB who got an opportunity to play in the NFL, but now, he's an absolute UNIT. Tua bulked up this off-season, Tua is 10 LBS heavier than he was last year. Weighing in at 227 LBS Tua is finally built for the league. You mix the weight gain with the jiu jitsu and you have a QB who can play all 17 games.

We all know the MVP is a QB's trophy, and right now Tua is the best QB in the league. Let's be real for a minute, how many QB's are making this throw?

Hold up this angle fucks more:

Some QB's have it and some don't, Tua has IT. His arm has never been stronger, and the ice in his veins has never been colder. When the team needs him the most he steps up, that's what an MVP does.

Not to mention, having Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle should help his stat sheet. Tua has the best WR's in the league, a head coach who is an offensive mastermind, and a healthy body. Sure you missed the +2000 boat, but the +600 still has empty seats. Don't over think this, there's only one answer, and it's Tua Tagovailoa +600 for MVP.