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This Couple Showcasing Their 'Love Surge' Is Definitive Proof That Not Everything Needs To Be Public

I'm indescribably uncomfortable, but I can't stop watching. I want to look away so badly and I just can't bring myself to do it. Thankfully I've never met these people and hopefully I never will, because just watching this through a screen induced enough cringe in me to last a lifetime.

Everybody does weird shit. That's fine. But it's also ok to keep some stuff to yourself instead of making the rest of us participate in your freakshow relationship. The weird smile that guy has on his face as he shakes uncontrollably is more disconcerting than anything I've ever seen in a horror movie.

Nightmare stuff.

I guess I'm glad these two people found each other and are happy, just please keep the love surges in your own home. It's great that it works for y'all, but respectfully, I miss the life I had before I knew this existed.