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Shannon Sharpe For the 3rd Straight Week Can't Stop Calling Stephen A. Smith "Skip"

Watching Shannon Sharpe get mad while he can't stop calling Stephen A. "Skip" is so fucking funny. You can see him genuinely get upset and grunting because Skip really does flow off the tongue. You can also hear it in his voice that he really fucking hates Skip Bayless and it's just in his vocabulary now. 

It is even funnier the way Stephen A. reacts to Shannon because now you know they have had conversations about this. He's just like it's okay man I get it you basically dated Skip for 7 years don't listen to those trolls when they make fun of you. It's crazy that trolls can get to these two guys who have been doing it for so long but just picturing their conversations about Skip and trolls is funny to me. I can see them both sitting in marriage counseling and Stephen A. just keeps uttering he can't get his ex's name out of his mouth and it's hurting me. I think ESPN talent like these two have a barstool type feel where there is a lot of drama we don't know about and the only difference is all of our drama is put on the internet and is also why we will always be better.