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At What Point Do We Stop Calling Them Pranksters And Start Calling Them Criminals?

I think I have seen 6 or 7 million of these videos in my lifetime. "Pranksters" in a social setting/ Now let me clarify, pulling a prank can be very funny. Whether it's in the locker room. 

Or within your own friend group, or at Barstool. Look no further than our own Rone who LOVESSSS to prank everyone and anyone. 

Hell, "Punked" was a great watch back when MTV actually showed TV Shows, and before Ashton Kutcher lost his marbles and stood up for Danny Masterson. Was a very funny watch on Sunday nights. 

Also … if you do a prank with no real harm to anyone and just try to make people laugh, it's fine. Dani Jackel does it and there's never been an issue. Harmless laughs, everyone wins. 

However somewhere along the line, the prank world got very blurry and instead of harmless fun, they shifted to essentially breaking the law. Taking someone’s bags at an airport, smashing their phone but then giving them a new one, cutting headphones, fake spray painting a car. What do you expect the people to do in that situation? Of course they get pissed and almost get to a point of physical violence of retaliation. Tons of time you see these “pranksters” about to be choked out and start yelling “it’s a prank it’s a prank” in actuality they are criminals. Or damn close. The lines blurry. 

Anyway brings us back to these dopes at NYFW who essentially trespassed and impersonated a model (that should be a crime in its own) and disrupted the entire show. They will be charged but ultimately it just inspires their competitors to try and one up them. What’s next someone walks their dog down a red carpet? What’s after that, someone takes a shit on the floor? It’s just insane to me that when most of these guys or girls get asked what do you do for a living and they say “I’m a YouTube prankster” they are really just saying “I’m a criminal who tries to cover it up as a prankster.” 

Wild wild scene.