Credit To RG3 For Trying To Pitch Himself To The Jets As Their Next Starting Quarterback While Live On Air

This was the funniest thing I saw all morning. All of RG3's co-hosts doing whatever they can to control their laughter as this dude takes it upon himself to pitch his services to the Jets like nobody would notice. Listen, if I saw RG3 playing again I would be interested, but he's realistically been out of the game for way too long. 

While Hackett's offense is complex, I really think the team needs a vet to step in and lead them. They have no chance with Zach Wilson as the QB because teams will start to key in on the run. He is in incapable of running that offense and make plays throwing the ball. 

There is just no way GMs told RG3 that the only reason he isn't getting a job is because it will create turmoil with their quarterback. Competition is good for any young quarterback and makes people play to the best of their abilities by pushing one another.

 I think that if RG3 could play, he would be playing. I just love how he pitched himself while live on the air. Nobody is going to believe in you more than yourself. Shoot your shot and the worse thing is they don't call. Why not?