Travis Kelce Said He Might Get "Back On Tinder"...So I'm Downloading Tinder

I don't know how I would even find him, but I would. I would do anything in my power to find Travis Kelce on Tinder. Now, would he swipe right on me? Absolutely not. I am not even CLOSE to being in his caliber. But it would be very fun to see his profile. I wonder what he would even put on it? He asks Kylie if he should put a picture of him with a mustache, and she says "If they'd swipe right at your worst then they'll love you at your best." I don't know why she hates his mustache so much, I think it's very hot and he pulls it off! 

I was also kind of shocked to see that Jason and his wife, Kylie, met on Tinder. They got married in 2018 so I feel like that is when Tinder was popping off and actually useful. Now it's just basically for hook ups, not really to start a relationship. 

Lisa Lake. Getty Images.

Also, I am still very much shipping Travis with Taylor Swift. He mentioned briefly a couple months ago that he wanted to give her his number on a friendship bracelet but never got to do it. I would LOVE that for her. She needs a hot NFL player, not these scrawny fuck boys. If not me, then her.