NFL Week 1 Power Rankings: The Bills & Bengals Don't Crack The Top 10

10. New York Jets

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As a sports fan, you have to feel for the Jets. They haven't been relevant since Super Bowl III, and just when you think they're ready to take the next step, Rodgers' Achilles pops. The Jets have the best defense in the NFL, yes, I'll say it again, the Jets have the best defense in the NFL, and if they had Rodgers, they would probably be in the top 3 on my list. I wouldn't let Zach Wilson drink out of the same bowl as my dog. The Jets won the game, but they lost the season

9. Kansas City Chiefs

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The Chiefs are the only team that lost this week that cracked my top 10, and it's because of the man in the picture above. The Chiefs didn't look great, but losing by 1 against a solid Lions team without Kelce and Jones isn't the end of the world for me. As long as Kadarius Toney doesn't bet against the Chiefs, they should be just fine. Expect a Kansas City bounce-back in Jacksonville this week.

8. Baltimore Ravens 

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The Ravens beat the Texans 25-9 on Sunday, but the score doesn't reflect the game. I thought the Ravens looked like crap. Lamar Jackson doesn't look the same. I'm telling you there is something wrong with his arm. It started in training camp; there were numerous videos that came out of deep balls being thrown 10-15 yards short. I'm telling you right now there's something going on over there. Although I see a lot of issues with the Ravens' offense, their defense is still solid as ever. I've got the Ravens in my top 10 for now, but it won't last long.

7. Cleveland Browns

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Coming in at number 7 is my favorite bet from last week: the Cleveland Browns. I don't want to overreact; I saw this coming. I knew the Browns were going to beat the living piss out of the Bengals in Week 1, but I'm still not sold on the Browns. The weather wasn't ideal for slinging the rock around, but Deshaun Watson has looked less than impressive. But as long as Nick Chubb can keep running the ball for 5 yards a carry, the Browns will be a tough team to beat.

6. Detroit Lions

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If you go into KC and beat them in Week 1, you deserve to be in the top 10. Mahomes and the Chiefs were 5-0 in season openers until Jared Goff and company came to town. Dan Campbell is a crackhead, and I love him for it. There's no other coach in the NFL for whom players would literally die like they would for Dan. The combination of Montgomery and Gibbs looks promising. Their defense held the Chiefs to 20 points; Kelce or not, it's very impressive.

5. Jacksonville Jaguars

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The Jags are roaring. Calvin Ridley is back and better than ever. After "needing to focus on his mental health" Ridley was suspended for being one of the guys and betting on the NFL while he was "working on his mental health." You know what they say, there's no rust on a nice car, and there was no rust on this lambo. In the first half alone Ridley caught seven passes for 92 yards and scored a touchdown. Watch out, the Jags are back.

4. Philadelphia Eagles

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There's a lot of folks saying the Eagles fell off, but that's not the case. It's not their fault 86% of public bets landed on them in week 1 vs the Patriots. The Eagles are going to be just fine, they played like shit and still won by 5 on the road. The Eagles have are already 2-0. Playing Kirk Cousins on Thursday night football in Philly is a free win. 

3. Dallas Cowboys

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I don't know if the Giants are that bad or if the Cowboys are that good. Their defense was unstoppable on Sunday Night. They beat the living piss out of Daniel Jones and the Giants. Micah Parsons and this Cowboys defense is special. You'll probably never see a team whose QB throw for 143 yards and still win the game by 40 points. The Cowboys usually start hot and shit down their leg when it matters most, but since it's week 1 they deserve a spot in the top 3.

2. Miami Dolphins

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Miami has the Dolphins the greatest football team. Well, well, well, what do you know the Miami Dolphins are the odds on favorite to win the AFC East. No surprise here, the Dolphins have the best offense in the NFL and once this defense starts clicking watch out. These motherfuckers are bout that action. Tyreek Hill is a top 2 WR in the league and he's not 2. Also shoutout the offensive line, giving up 0 sacks against Joey Bosa and Khalil Mack without our star tackle Terron Armstead. The sun is shinning bright in Miami.

1. San Fransisco 49ers

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If the 49ers stay healthy they're going to the Super Bowl. Outside of the New York Jets, they have the best defense in the league. There's no holes in this team. Brock Purdy is solid, CMC is a savage, and welcome back Brandon Ayiuk. The only thing that can stop this team is what's stopped them the last 5 years, injuries. 

Week 1 Super Bowl Prediction:

Dolphins vs 49ers