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To The Surprise Of No One, Tom Brady's Jumper Looks Pretty Flawless Because Of Course It Does

Every once in a while the internet reminds us how some people out there are truly God's favorites. Most of us would be lucky enough to be elite at one thing in our life, and even that's a stretch. But there are some people out there who are simply better than you in every facet of life, no matter what it is. Sort of like how Steph Curry is basically the best of all time at literally everything he tries. It could be golf, it could be singing, it doesn't really matter. Steph is that guy


I guess this is just what having talent looks like. I wouldn't know, but that's what I feel like it would be like. Seems fun.

Well the same can obviously be true of Tom Brady. He's another one of God's favorites. Already the GOAT in his own respective sport, Tom is another one of these guys who is awesome at golf and really anything else he tries. Take that basketball video for example. You can try and hate on it if you want, but that jumper looks pretty damn good for a football player. I mean look at this form

That's pretty close to perfect if you ask me. Perfect balance, good spacing with his feet, a perfect angle on his shooting arm with the ball positioned well, good guidance with his off hand, good rotation on the ball, I mean what the hell. Some guys just get all the luck I guess. On one end of the spectrum you have that, and then on the other, there's this (love you RA)

the world truly is cruel.

I guess I never really thought about what Tom was doing in retirement, but from the looks of that video, it's deciding to become an NBA quality shooter even at age 46. It just goes to show that even for football legends, ball is still life