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Adonai Mitchell, Who Caught The Go-Ahead TD Against Alabama In The National Championship Game At Georgia, Asked The Crowd 'Remember Me?' After He Scored Saturday For Texas

Ok, this is sick.

Adonai Mitchell let Alabama fans know he was back to ruin their days once again after catching his second touchdown pass of the game on Saturday to seal Texas's 34-24 win over the Crimson Tide, a feeling he's become accustomed to over the last few years at multiple schools.

"Remember me?" is such a great line. Subtle, but biting. Nobody in the crowd could even hear it, but Mitchell knew the cameras were right there. He owns Alabama and he's gonna remind them every chance he gets.

I don't think the Tide will need to worry about participating in the College Football Playoff this year, but on the off chance they somehow fix the multitude of problems which seem likely to plague them all season and find a way to play for the national title, they need to pray they don't have to play Texas. Because if Mitchell gets another crack at Alabama, he's going to put up numbers like you've never seen before.