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Well Actually: Volume 2 "The Jets May Kill Me"...Well Actually The Jets Have Killed A Fan Before

Nights like last night are just another day at the office for The Jets fans. The only real shocking element of last night was the fact that The Jets actually won the game. Losing the savior of a quarterback they just signed in the first drive? Normal for Jets fans. Having to go back to a guy who had the worst season in history and now having to awkwardly root for him? Normal for Jets fans. The Jets have had every possible thing go wrong for them forever. The NFL Draft blunders? They got more of them than anyone. 

Heartbreaking injuries? 

The Jets have that with Testaverde and Rodgers. 

Painful losses? 

The Jets have em. 

Embarrassing plays?

Jets OWN the GOAT blooper.

The way Jets fans talk it almost often ends with Jets fans saying that this team will kill them. The losing, the bad breaks, the wild bounces, the freak plays, everything seems like a curse. They take a step forward, take three steps back. Some would say, it's an overreaction to say sports matters so much and that fans are acting to say wins and losses would actually impact their livelihood. I would even say wins and losses of your team shouldn't be treated so serious, and that joking about a team actually killing you is extreme … WELL ACTUALLY … 

Let me tell you a little story. 

NBC Sports- It happened in December 1979, at Shea Stadium. The Jets hosted the Patriots, and at halftime the Electronic Eagles of the Radio Control Association of Greater New York took the field, flying a collection of model airplanes.During the show, a plane shaped like a lawnmower landed in the stands, striking 20-year-old John Bowen and 25-year-old Kevin Rourke. Bowen, who reportedly “looked like he had been attacked by an ax,” underwent emergency surgery. Several days later, Bowen died.Criminal charges never were pursued, but a lawsuit later was filed against the Jets, the Radio Control Association of Greater New York, and Philip Cushman, who was flying the plane.

The Jets actually did kill a fan. Now this is obviously a horrific accident, but if any team was going to have this happen … of course it's the Jets. Just an unbelievably wild event to think that off of the ways to die at a football game … A LAWNMOWER to be the one that does the trick is an insane thing to happen, and of course it's the Jets. 

Absolutely amazing to me every time I think about it.