All Time Backfire: A Bar In Milwaukee Erupted With Cheers When Aaron Rodgers Got Hurt, Thinking It Would Result In Free Drinks

It's hard to imagine that anyone else out there has worse luck than New York Jets fans at the moment. This was supposed to be the year. They have an elite defense, they have incredible young talent, and they finally got their quarterback. And just 4 plays into the season of a lifetime, it all came crashing down when Aaron Rodgers was pulled to the ground by Leonard Floyd. 

Brutal. Awful. Devastating. Yet...not the worst luck in America last night. Because that title belongs to the fine people of Milwaukee who made their way out to Jack's American Pub to watch the game last night. 

In one of the pettiest marketing campaigns I ever did see, Jack's American Pub had plans to throw a watch party every week just for folks to root against Aaron Rodgers. I'll admit, it's kind of genius. It's not like people in Milwaukee have better things to do anyway, so you might as well pack out your bar for every Jets game. However, it looked like Jack's American Pub was on their way to taking a massive hit and giving out a shit ton of free drinks last night after Aaron Rodgers went down on the first drive. 

Packers fans everywhere rejoiced as Aaron Rodgers' achilles tendon was seen recoiling up his calf. 

I mean goodness gracious. You want to talk about some scumbag behavior? Let's talk about cheering your dick off as a player suffers a season-ending injury all because it means you don't have to pay for a few Bud Lights. 

Aaron Rodgers clearly can't put pressure on his left foot and it sounds like they just won an NFC Championship game in there. If this happens in Philly, there would be a hearing in Congress later this afternoon to banish us from the United States. 

But yeah. Here we have a bar full of Packers fans going nuts after Aaron Rodgers gets hurt, and they think they have the green light to order as many drinks as humanly possible. I'd love to know the exact number of drinks that were ordered the moment Zach Wilson threw that pick to Matt Milano. Surely the game was over. They probably took the bar for all they were worth right then and there. I mean what are Zach Wilson and the Jets going to do? Come back and beat the Buffalo Bills after a miraculous punt return in overtime?



One moment you think you're drinking for free for the rest of the night, the next moment you're asking the bartender if they have any sort of payments plans you can work off of. 

It just goes to show that there's nothing better in life than seeing bad things happen to bad people. I need someone from Jack's to reach out here and let us know what the biggest tab of the night ended up being. I'm hoping for something close to the Bruins 2011 Stanley Cup tab.