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'Same Shit, Same Place, Different Day' - Josh Allen, Openly Admitting He Cost The Bills A Win And Realizing There's A Huge Problem

Oh man, I mean he's not wrong, but Josh Allen went through every single phase of dealing with a loss here. Yes, he was bad. Those turnovers are atrocious. But he's also Josh Allen so it comes with the territory. You live with the picks - and some of them aren't bad, like the arm punt to the 2 - just because he can turn it on and save a game for you. But for this to happen right after the last game we saw him in ended like this? 

There's clearly something that has to be fixed in Buffalo. We go through this all the time where they are good enough to win, but can't get over whatever hump to get to the Super Bowl. But Josh Allen sitting here trying to figure out how the hell he can get it all back in 1 game is not the best. Not a good look at all! 

Credit to Allen for some self-awareness though. That's step 1 to realizing there's a problem. You can't blame everyone else and typically we see that.