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Alek Manoah Allegedly Did Not Report To AAA Because He Was Pissed Off That His Performance Was The Reason He Was Sent Down And Reportedly Has Not Even Thrown Since Being Demoted

This weird season for Alek Manoah keeps getting weirder. Guy was a Cy Young Finalist last season and finished in third. Now He's throwing pissy fits that he was demoted again to AAA. Tweets are spilling out with details surrounding the curious case of Manoah. The tweet above from Blair & Barker explains it all. "Failed" to show up to AAA Buffalo because Manoah was unhappy that he was demoted due to his performance. He was also taking up a roster spot on a AAA team that needed a spot due to a tired and rundown staff. And that he hasn't thrown in a game and apparently no side sessions since being optioned over a month ago on August 11th. The AAA team placed Manoah on the temporarily inactive list on 9/4, over a week ago. 

So it sounds to me like this guy is just pissy and pouting. He is having an awful year, I mean terribly bad. Hubbs called his shot early on. Manoah has nasty stuff but it's no secret he's a big guy, he was always going to have trouble with the pitch clock. He struggled early and often and couldn't find a routine or rhythm. They have tried everything with him, nothing has worked. 3-9 with a 5.87 ERA which is about 5 runs lower than what I thought it would be. He's moved around a lot too. Instead of sending him directly down to AAA earlier this year, the team sent him to rookie ball where he proceeded to make a few starts and got rocked by kids who are 18 years old. Again, this guy finished in 3rd for the CY YOUNG last year. He came up again, got shelled, sent down to AAA where he decided he won't be throwing. Sounds like a hell of a teammate. The exact guy you want taking the mound every night. 

I'll be honest, he sounds like a baby. He is having his first tough season after 2 really good seasons to start his career, and this is how he responds? Not by trying to gut it out and get out of it. Instead he's bitching and moaning and taking his ball and going home. It took him forever to report, he doesn't want to do anything down there, how is that professional at all? Everyone struggles, but not everyone responds like a 3-year old when you say they can't have dessert. He's handled this whole situation horribly. Grown man throwing a temper tantrum because he is the one who stinks this season, what a weird way to act. The guy has some growing up to do and something tells me it won't be in Toronto. I think this is headed for a messy divorce.