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Last Night, Gary Cohen Lost His Damn Mind When He Realized The Diamondbacks Were Allowing The Potential Winning Run To Steal Second Base

I love the Mets broadcast crew so much. I feel like they have a pretty high approval rating across Major League Baseball. It’s somewhat ironic for an organization that knows nothing but blunders and failures. The one consistent that they’ve had for a long time is that they have a great TV crew.

For anyone who needs an explanation, the Mets were trying to play spoiler last night against the Arizona Diamondbacks, a team fighting for a playoff spot right now. New York had first and third with two outs in the ninth. Arizona was playing with their first baseman off the bag, which essentially guaranteed the Mets a stolen base. That’s exactly what happened. Former Diamondback Tim Locastro stole second. As a connoisseur of the sport, Gary Cohen just couldn’t believe it. 

That clip is hilarious. There's something so amusing about seeing a consummate professional like Cohen just lose his mind. I obviously understand his point of view. I don't view it as completely stupid. From Torey Lovullo's standpoint, he's probably thinking, "If we get this guy out, no one's going to give a shit." And that is what went down. Brandon Nimmo flew out to center field and the Diamondbacks won.

I'm going to chalk this up to Cohen being frustrated with this Mets season. Sometimes, you need to start yelling just to get months of frustration out. That's the case. This is one of the best broadcasting crews in the sport. They've had to endure nothing but misery and underachieving this season. He's had enough. It's like that angry guy who goes to the bar to look into a fight with somebody. It doesn't matter what you do. Eventually, he's going to be swinging. If any broadcast crew has a right to vent a little bit of frustration, it's definitely the New York Mets.